BREAKING: Tulsa Cop SNIPES And KILLS Man Allegedly Holding 2 Yr-Old Girl Hostage

Not all heroes wear capes.

Some of them wear badges and can save the lives of innocent babies without anyone knowing they’re there.


When a 44 year-old man broke into the home of his estranged wife and held her 2 year-old daughter at gunpoint, police had to act quickly. The woman, her boyfriend and three other children were able to escape the house, but the man, armed with a handgun, continued to make threatening gestures at police and the girl.

Police say they attempted to speak to the man using a “Spanish-speaking officer,” but he was not able to convince the man to surrender or unhand the child. Several times the man appeared on the home’s second story balcony, holding the child in one arm and the gun in the other hand.

This is a situation that could have very quickly ended in tragedy, but fortunately, a sniper positioned in just the right spot at just the right time was able to take the shot that may have very well saved an innocent life.

Just after 3 am, after nearly three hours of trying to get the man to give himself up voluntarily, an unseen sniper took out the 44 year-old man and the police reunited the girl with her family.

It’s unfortunate that this man had to die because he made an irrational and dangerous decision, but when it came down to his life or that of the 2 year-old he was holding hostage, the choice was clear.

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