BRILLIANT! Man Booby-Traps Trump Yard Sign…Thief Gets The SHOCK Of His Life! – VIDEO

BRILLIANT! Man Booby-Traps Trump Yard Sign…Thief Gets The SHOCK Of His Life! – VIDEO

After a Donald Trump sign was incessantly taken from a man’s front yard, he decided to get creative and also get even to ensure it stayed put.


In a video posted to YouTube, an Orlando, Florida, man decided to hook up his Trump sign to shock any punks or politically opposed neighbors trying to destroy or steal his property…making a point that they are intolerant.

The video, which has more than 870,000 views on YouTube, shows a sign that has evidently been outrigged by the unidentified homeowner.

The video begins with text displayed across the screen saying: ‘After months of theft and vandalism I’ve had enough.’

Surveillance video kicks off rolling, which shows the sign in the yard and a man off in the distance wearing a bright blue sweater with a hoodie over his head and pushing a stroller.


The screen then reads: ‘(Ten) minutes late Mr. Blue Sweatshirt comes back.’ The man can then be seen walking back later toward the sign and eventually sprints to snatch it and yank it out of the ground when all the sudden he’s jumping backwards, up and down!

He shakes his hand in pain from an electric shock and then runs off away from the embarrassing scene, according to WDBO-FM. The idiot did manage to yank the sign out of the ground, but leaves it laying on the grass after getting the hell shocked out of him.

‘My neighbor was charged with trespassing … Make America Great Again.’

It’s a hell of a thing when you can’t even put up an endorsing sign in your yard without getting it stolen or damaged in some way. The political atmosphere is ridiculous and poisonous. Friends and neighbors that would have normally been on great terms, are now bitter enemies…all because a disagreement on two of the worst candidates for President this country has ever produced.


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