Bruce Jenner Blasted Online After Coming Out As a…wait, Republican?

by John Brodgian | April 25, 2015 7:52 am

You know, if this whole thing was just trolling by Bruce Jenner, I tip my hat.  Everyone was waiting for him to say be he was choosing to be a woman, but THAT was not the most shocking reveal…




Bruce Jenner was blasted online Friday evening after revealing during a two-hour interview that he identifies as a Christian Republican.

When asked by ABC’s Diane Sawyer if he considers himself to be a Republican, the Olympic athlete answered “yes” and added that he has “always been more on the conservative side.”

This of course led to the usually intolerant leftist hate, some of which you can see here[4].  I for one support Bruce Jenner’s choice to self identify with any political party he chooses.

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