This BRUTAL Cartoon Shows How Every Liberal Acts on Facebook

by McIntosh | November 22, 2016 2:12 am

The media has been nothing short of obsessed over publicizing unsubstantiated attacks by ‘racist’ Trump supporters on the ‘victims’ of the election, the radical Dems. But we knew that this was the way the game was played. As soon as anyone the left hates takes a position of power, it’s all guns blazing and to hell with playing fair or decent…I mean, there’s a RACIST heading to the White House now and he’s hiring RADICALS![1]…give me a freaking break.

The left and it’s lap-dog mainstream media do not even have the decency to learn from their mistakes. Instead, they continue bashing and condemning half of Americans…not even considering that that kind of dishonest rhetoric is what got them to the top of America’s crap list. You lost, leftist radicals, and this is preciously the reason why.

Mainstream media is enraged over Trump’s victory and they aren’t afraid to show it…by lying. They aren’t too worried about whipping their lefty viewers up in a frenzy either and they do it by publicizing outrageous acts by Trump supporters, no matter how absent the details pan out. Meanwhile, Trump voters can count on being assaulted in some way and being ignored.


Here’s a few incidents…

In Chicago[3], a Trump voter was beaten by two men on the street while people can be heard shouting off camera, “You voted Trump?! Damn, he voted Trump.”

How about this one…

On the day after the election, when the little leftist tools in public high school abandoned class to protest on the streets, a student from Rockville, Maryland was punched and kicked[4] to the ground by his peers for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Apparently these worthless dummies were ‘triggered’.

And here’s[5] one more…

At a Virginia elementary school, one student who voted for Trump in a mock election was severely beaten by his classmates. He had to be taken to the emergency room and his attackers have since been suspended.


Whatever happened to the ‘tolerant left’ mantra? They’ll be as tolerant as you will be obedient to their ideology…talk about radicals, sheesh!

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