Driver SMASHES School Bus Full Of Children Into Tree, 5 Are Killed, Numerous More Sent To E.R. – VIDEO

Driver SMASHES School Bus Full Of Children Into Tree, 5 Are Killed, Numerous More Sent To E.R. – VIDEO

One young bus driver has made the mistake of his life. A mistake that will cost him dearly. His actions have already cost the lives of five students he was supposed to watch over and deliver safely home. Now families are left broken wondering ‘why’ and I imagine that this young bus driver feels exactly the same…


Johnathon Walker, 24, has been charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and reckless driving, for the role he played Monday night.

The bus Walker had been driving was filled with children when he crashed and wrapped his bus around a tree. The collision killed at least five children, according to investigators. It is still unclear what had caused Walker to crash.

According to Chattanooga Police Chief, Fred Fletcher, the speed of the bus is being investigated ‘very, very strongly’ as a possible cause, adding that the conditions on the road were clear and dry. Fletcher has also claimed that ‘a warrant has been issued to remove the informational box on the school bus and review the video’.


District Attorney Neal Pinkston had first announced that six people had died at the scene with one dying in the hospital, but that has since been found false and only five could be confirmed. The total number of schoolchildren that were on that bus were 35 in total, according to Fletcher.

Bloodied students were strapped down to stretchers, while other children walked away with their parents from the horrific accident being only dazed.

As you can imagine, the scene at the crash site was a place of intense mourning, with parents being heard crying and screaming ‘that’s my baby’ as they arrived, according to reports.

Fletcher had no further information about the severity of the others that were injured. He claimed that the scene of the crash was ‘every public safety professional’s worst nightmare’.

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