Business Owners: What To Do In A Crisis

by Melissa Clouthier | December 1, 2008 10:06 am

Hey all, this isn’t a huge post. I’m just linking you through to Hugh Hewitt who has the whole thing, but I thought this was worthwhile enough to pass along. Having been through a couple Hurricanes, now, here is what I’ve discovered: The thing that is most needed is communication. The thing that goes out first is communication. If you can have back-up modes of communication, you can handle just about anything.

Here’s a sample from the list[1]:

2. Start a Log, capturing time lines, significant events, persons, and exterior contacts and players.

I would also note that this step is important for families. You WILL forget what happened later. Our sense of time warps during stressful situations. A log helps. My log through the hurricane was my blog. Well, it was. And when I went back through and read it, I was shocked. Had I not keep track of the details, there is no way I’d remember it now. The only way to correct errors later is to remember events as they actually happened.

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  1. Here’s a sample from the list:

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