Butt Hurt Loser Michael Moore Has DRAMATIC Meltdown – HILARITY Ensues!

Butt Hurt Loser Michael Moore Has DRAMATIC Meltdown – HILARITY Ensues!


As is often the case, The Blaze said it best:

Now that the Electoral College has made Donald Trump one step closer to becoming the 45th president of the United States, liberal author and filmmaker Michael Moore says the centuries-old system designed by America’s Founding Fathers is “racist.”

On Tuesday morning, a day after Trump officially received the electoral votes needed to become president, Moore tweeted a message to the “rest of the world” in an attempt to “explain what happened yesterday.”

Bottom line. I feel like we need to take these tweet rants and go over them. Hopefully this guy will take the time to educate himself on the ignorance of his tweet rant.

Tweet number one.

He begins by referencing Donald Trump officially receiving the electoral votes needed to become president…. despite the desperation of protesters begging our electors to become “faithless electors” and ignore the voices of the people within their state.

Take two:

Alright, let’s talk about this one, because this is where I inwardly start to blame people like him for our screwed up nation.

First, HIllary Clinton did not win the election. She won the popular vote. Those are very different things. Cue: the CONSTITUTION of the UNITED STATES… as in a 226 year-old document that has survived two world wars, a civil war, man’s first walk on the moon and much more. But is currently under attack because a handful of people are offended they did not get their way.


And second, come on buddy. Did you ever take a civics class??? This stuff is really important. When has America ever, EVER, ever claimed to be a democracy? Everyone seems so shocked by the horrific undemocratic results. We have never been a democracy. We, the United States of America, are a REPUBLIC. A Democratic Republic, yes. But a Republic nonetheless.

Why? You may feel inclined to ask. Well, feel free to look at the history of democracies. Like, I don’t know, the reign of terror in France.

Essentially, Adams (the Founding Father) said it best. He described the danger of a pure democracy as “tyranny of the majority.” As in, minorities don’t have a voice because they can’t out vote the majority. Makes sense, right? Sooooo, no civil rights legislature would have come about. Sorry about it…. No freed slaves. None of that.

In fact, in desperation, the federal government decided that they would allow democracy and a democratic, pure popular vote to choose whether Kansas would be a slave state or a free state when it joined the Union. Guess how that turned out?? Spoiler, not well. Cue: Bleeding Kansas. Yep, that is a real thing. Popular sovereignty doesn’t actually work in the real world even if it does sound nice to millennials.

And believe it or not, today the minority is a demographic that includes white people. Middle class Americans who are struggling to survive. They are the ones who screamed out in this election. They were the minority. But aren’t we about minorities here in America?

I could go on, but let’s hit tweet #3:

Okay, let’s make this one as quick as it is painful.

First, sir, for the overwhelming majority of the 1700s, all states were slave states…. so that’s awkward.

Second, it is “to” not “2.” Come on….

Third, I am trying to comprehend where he is coming up with this…. maybe the 3/5ths compromise? Not really sure… but interestingly enough, the Electoral College system of representation actually favored northern states MORE. As in the states that eventually freed slaves first, like Rhode Island, Maryland and New York.

Bless this guy’s heart…. does he even know what he talking about?

Number 4 in the tirade of uniformed tweets:

Does he know what ironic means????

And I think we went over already how the Electoral College did not benefit the main slave states of the 1800s, but that’s fine. I.e. more representation for smaller states who carried the MINORITY.

How are you going to fight the Constitution in a legal way? Dude. It is the backbone of our nation. The only way to change that is an amendment. Which, how sad for you, needs the approval of the state electors. Which means the same system of representation that elected Donald Trump, gave women the right to vote, abolished slavery and gave millennials the right to vote at eighteen (that last one was the 26th amendment.) Awful system…. right?? Protecting the rights of those dang minorities…. geez. The audacity.


Honey, the really bad news is that you are as uninformed as most liberals. Learn from our past rather than just question it. Come on….


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