Butt Hurt Obama Gives Lecture After Trump Victory: ‘My Vision Is Right’

Butt Hurt Obama Gives Lecture After Trump Victory: ‘My Vision Is Right’

Lame duck President Obama is really getting exhausting to deal with. Every time he opens his mouth to speak to the American people or of the American people it’s delusional garbage wrapped up in lies and big words that make you ‘think’ he might sound as if he knows what he’s talking about, but really…that’s the flattery of evil that is fooling people.


Once again, President Barack Obama is refusing to concede that Donald Trump’s landslide historical win is a sign that his ‘world view’ and policies are being rejected by the American people. The same American people he had thought all along were backing him.

The Democrat Party under Obama’s rule and Hillary’s is a legacy lost for the White House and they further failed to win a majority in the House and Senate. Did he stop to think that he could be wrong about what is best for America… nope. Not at all actually. In fact, he says that Americans will eventually realize just how ‘dangerous’ it is to fan the flames of discrimination and racism.

‘My vision’s right on that issue,’ the liberal Democrat said at a Tuesday press conference. ‘And it may not always win the day in the short term in any political circumstance, but I’m confident it will win the day over the long term.’

Yes. Those are his words, not mine. Again..as I said earlier, delusional.

To further cover for his incompetency, he goes on to say:

‘At times of significant stress, people are gonna be looking for something, and they don’t know exactly what it is that they’re looking for, and they may opt for change even if they’re not entirely confident what the change will bring,’ he appraised.

That may have been when Americans voted his ass in looking forward to “Hope and Change,” but it is definitely NOT why we voted in Trump this time. The only reason why Trump was voted in as he was…is because we’ve been fooled far too many times. We need to make America great again and we believe Trump, together with us, can do that. Period.

Why were the shocking results of the election so …. shocking? Well, because they didn’t see it coming, not from a mile away. Hell, not from 100 miles away. The only way that we could have won, is if they didn’t see it coming. If they didn’t have time to plan how to get around the votes for Trump…

It’s a modern day miracle folks. One nation under God. This is his nation, therefore he has a hand in its success. It seems even He knew Hillary couldn’t be allowed to set foot into the White House.

America wouldn’t have lived through a presidency under her selfish desires.

So, they didn’t see their loss coming and that my friends… was key.

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