Illegal Alien Cop-Killer’s Rampage Has Many Asking the Question if Now is the Time to Secure the Border

Illegal Alien Cop-Killer’s Rampage Has Many Asking the Question if Now is the Time to Secure the Border

Last Friday, I was working in Roseville, CA with my door open and heard tons of sirens blaring outside headed up the freeway. If you know Roseville you would understand my alarm. A Mexican national was speeding up the freeway where I live near Sacramento, California, after a shooting rampage on Friday. He killed two sheriff’s deputies, wounded a third, and also shot a civilian. But there is also more news.

police shooting in Sacramento by illegal

According to Breitbart, authorities on Saturday revealed the results of their investigation into his background and made a startling discovery: he’d been deported in 1997 and again in 2001. The 1997 deportation was due to narcotics possession and no information was available regarding the 2001 occurrence.

At this point, he is facing charges for the 2 alleged killings and the two shootings. He was apprehended a short time after the shootings and subsequent to the arrest of an accomplice, whom is suspected to be his wife, earlier in the day.

According to the Sacramento Bee, investigators have no idea how long the couple had been in the United States, what they were doing in the area, nor how the initial confrontation with the deputies violently exploded.

One crystal clear takeaway from this tragedy: secured borders matter. A man who’s been expelled from the country twice got in. And authorities have no idea how or why he was here. The reality is that he never should have been able to get back here in the first place.

A simple truth is this: our porous border and the policies that gave rise to it are at least partially, if not fully responsible, for these shootings and the quandary with which law enforcement investigators are now confronted.

How many civilians and cops need to die at the hands of illegal criminals creeping across the border? Do you think it high time Obama closed the borders?

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