Can We Call Barack Obama A Socialist Now?

Please note that it’s not whether redistribution of wealth is even the right thing to do, but how best to redistribute wealth.

Investor’s Business Daily calls Obama’s beliefs “stealth socialism“. It’s not so stealthy if you have eyes to see. And here, you’ll find that Obama’s ideology mirrors what his father hoped to achieve in Kenya.

Glenn Reynolds says that ” this is pretty standard stuff in large parts of legal academia.” Well, if that’s the case, I have an idea. Since the Dems are so desirous of putting in a draft or mandatory military service, I suggest that all Academics prove their worth in private industry for, say five years, before they wax theoretical in institutions of higher learning. The lack of real-life experience absolutely warps the mind. (And no, “community organizing” is not real life experience. It is still working on someone else’s dime.)

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