Cancer patient wins and turns right around to do THIS…

Cancer patient wins and turns right around to do THIS…


When we face tragedies in our lives it is easy to turn inward and focus on the struggles we have. Many, however, decide to look outward. Their struggles allow others to be humble and see the struggles of others. That is exactly what happened for this man as he struggled with cancer. Chemotherapy and surgery became his life and then he received some good news. He won free pizza for a year from his favorite pizza place in the town he grew up in. What he did with that pizza is truly humbling.

Instead he donated the pizza to a food bank.

The owner spoke out about the turn of events.

“I thought someone would win, they’d be excited, come in and get their pizzas, but a story like this to come out of a contest like that…” Giuseppe Aiello, the son of the family-run pizzeria’s co-owner, told WFMZ.

Katrick, is the name of the young man who has suffered from cancer in the last year. And he did not think twice when he decided to donate his winnings.

“After everything I went through these last few months — I met so many people and have been receiving so much — I felt I wanted to give back,” Katrick told CNN. “The food bank are very thankful. They’re amazed by it. They will put it to good use.”

His generosity doesn’t stop there.

“Maybe I’ll share with my friends on Facebook [and] make a contest of my own to see if anyone would like some pizza,” he said.

This young man emulates exactly what we should be shooting for. We can all learn from his example of selflessly serving others in the midst of suffering and trials. I am sure all of us could benefit from his example.


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