Caught on Video: Angry BMW Driver Crashes into Motorcyclist After Being Scolded for Texting and Driving

by Greg Campbell | June 3, 2015 2:52 pm

A road rage incident was caught on camera after a safety crusader lectured who was on his phone as he was driving. While many might just ignore the obnoxious finger-wagging, the driver of the car took on a personal vendetta and ran the motorcyclist down. The Daily Mail[1] reports:


This is the horrific moment a BMW driver crashes into a motorcyclist leaving him with a concussion, just seconds after he’d yelled at him to stop using his mobile phone while driving.

Samuel David Ayres captured the entire event on camera as he was turning South onto La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California and spotted the mobile-using offender.

He warned the driver of the black convertible BMW to stop texting while driving shouting: ‘Put down your fu****g phone you’re in your car.’

But he said that the motorist became offended and can be heard on video honking his horn at him.

Seconds later as the light turns green and the pair drive off, Ayres GoPro camera captures the horrific moment that the BMW driver slams into him.

Ayres can be heard breathing sharply while his bike skids into the middle of the road. The camera briefly pans past a driver parked up and sitting at the wheel of his silver BMW looking on.

Meanwhile a passerby offers Ayres a helping hand to get back up on his feet off the ground. The incident happened on his daily commute in March.

He told Yahoo: ‘I was fully in the left lane the entire time. When the driver started getting really aggressive with me.

‘He was very busy texting and talking away on his mobile phone. He became visibly angry when I yelled at him to put down his cell phone while he was in his car.

‘Even after he honked at me, much to my surprise, I kept my cool… I didn’t flip him off or get into his face, however much I wanted to.

‘I definitely slowed down to give myself extra reaction time (there wasn’t enough traffic to really get away from him right there). I was going probably about 30mph or so… slowed down from maybe 40-ish?’

‘Once the light turned green, I proceeded through the intersection, making my turn. Behind me, the BMW driver came flying up behind me very aggressively.

‘After a couple of blocks, he pulled into the center lane to my left and, once he was parallel with me, swerved his car into my lane, knocking both my bike and myself to the ground. Without slowing, the driver took off down the road.

Ayres said the brutal incident left him with a concussion two hairline fractures in his left shoulder and a broken left foot which will require surgery

Few could argue that excessive phone usage and texting while driving is a good idea; it is most-certainly a hazard. However, one cannot help  but wonder if Ayres would be in perfect health today had he not took it upon himself to lecture a driver as they cruised down the road.

Of course, Ayres’ busybody lecture in no way excuses a vehicular vendetta that could have killed the motorcycle rider. Hopefully, the driver of the car will be brought to justice for his role in crashing Ayres’ bike.

There’s a lesson here: perhaps accosting the driver of a car while on a motorcycle is not the best idea. Let the police handle those who violate the law, mind your business and focus on your tasks at hand.

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