Caution: Public Pervert Crossing

by Van Helsing | April 29, 2009 2:01 pm

It’s thoughtful of Holland to show a little consideration for those who haven’t yet completely succumbed to degeneracy[1]:

A park near Amsterdam has unveiled information signs pointing out spots where officials say gay men are known to have sex, so visitors are not taken by surprise.

The signs “clearly indicate what is happening in each zone; also those where gay men are known to practice ‘cruising’,” municipal spokeswoman Manon Koffijberg said.

Cruising is a slang word used to describe the act of trawling for casual sex.

“If you don’t want to be confronted by a vision of that sort, the signs allow you to avoid specific areas,” Ms Koffijberg said.

The De Oeverlanden park in Slotervaart, south-west of Amsterdam, is known as a place where homosexuals from all over the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe go in search of sex partners.

Ms Koffijberg said that while having sex in public was against the law, the park has been used for this purpose for so long that it has become “gedoog”, a Dutch word for tolerating unwanted behaviour.

I’m guessing the signs won’t be necessary when Muslims become a majority in Holland, which could happen within a few decades.

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