Celebrity divas insult half of America with their Trump ‘resistance’

by Samuel Gonzalez | January 8, 2017 12:24 am

I remember when Barack Obama won election in 2008. I was disappointed because he was a horrible choice and the least qualified ever elected president. He never was a governor of a state, or a mayor of a city, or never ran a business. He was a U.S. senator for three minutes before he ran for president. His only claim to fame was that he graduated Harvard Law, allegedly. That’s a dime a dozen. Trump is a different story and he has loads of excutive experience Obama could only dream about. Kyle Smith has written this excellent piece in the NY Post on how bubble head celebrities cannot accept Hillary Clinton got her ass kicked.

Kyle Smith, NY Post [1]

At the Golden Globes Sunday night, and the Oscars next month, expect lots of gold-plated bitching about Donald Trump. Honorees will mourn the “dark times in America” in their $20,000 frocks. Or they’ll mutter “fight the fascists” as they head back to their Malibu estates.

They’re going gaga in La La Land. Chris Kelly, co-head writer of “SNL,” said in March [2]that “Donald Trump is winning because everyone you’ve ever been on a bus with gets to vote too.” The tweet wasn’t shocking because of its sneering disdain for Americans. What was breathtaking was the blitheness with which it dismissed a principle as formidable and established as democracy.

Four days after Donald Trump was elected president, “SNL” transmuted that disgust for the people into contempt for its own animating principle — that it should at least try to be funny. It opened the show with an open display of grief, Kate McKinnon’s weepy, earnest (and consequently) embarrassing performance of “Hallelujah” while dressed as Hillary Clinton. The show’s first post-9/11 segment was not nearly as sorrowful in tone.

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