“Change” in Our Democracy: Keep Counting Until the Democrat Wins

by Sharon Soon | January 9, 2009 10:32 am

It’s been days now, but I keep hoping that if I wait long enough, someone will wake me up and tell me that this was just a joke. I mean, Al Franken couldn’t have won Norm Coleman’s Senate seat in real life – at least not in any rational, just world. And not in America, where democracy rules.

Either way, it looks like the joke’s on us. Welcome to “change” in America, where voter fraud is acceptable when it helps a Democrat steal an election; democracy be damned.

Doesn’t anyone else smell voter fraud in Minnesota[1]?

On the morning after Election Day, Republican Coleman led Franken by 725 votes. By that evening, his lead had shrunk to 477, and as of Tuesday, the margin was just 206 votes.

“This lopsided bleeding of Republican votes is passing strange considering that the official recount hasn’t even begun,” the Journal observed.

It’s not unusual that state officials, in double-checking the initial election results, would find and fix errors. What is unusual is that nearly every “fix” has gone in favor of Franken.

In one case, Minnesota’s director of elections announced on Friday, three days after the election, that she had forgotten to count 32 absentee ballots in her car.

In Two Harbors, a liberal outpost near Duluth, Franken picked up an additional 246 votes, while none of the other contests in that precinct recorded any changes in their vote total.

“According to conservative statistician John Lott, Mr. Franken’s gains so far are 2.5 times the corrections made for Barack Obama in the state, and nearly three times the gains for Democrats across Minnesota Congressional races,” The Journal reported.

I’m still dumbfounded as to why neither the media nor Republicans have been calling out Minnesota for its corruption. Aside from a few good arguments from the likes of Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter (read them here[2], here[3], and here[4]), no one seems to care that the very core of our country’s democracy is being threatened.

Thankfully, the Coleman campaign is fighting back with a lawsuit demanding that every vote be counted accurately, but it’s a great disappointment that with an administration that could use every last Republican it can get, Republicans seem to be turning a blind eye to Democrats’ lies. Once again. I’m guessing I was right when I said that last November wasn’t going to be the wake-up call we were hoping for.

Even more egregious is the audacity of some Republicans to actually stand AGAINST Coleman’s efforts [5]and suggest that he act like the cowards they are and just accept his loss.

Former Gov. Arne Carlson, who attended the 1996 event during which Coleman switched parties to become a Republican, predicts Coleman will lose any lawsuit he files. Carlson, who supported Coleman’s ’98 gubernatorial bid, also said that a protracted battle, after 62 days of recounting, would hurt Coleman’s public image. By contrast, he said, “There’s no disgrace in losing.”

Not in losing, perhaps, but possibly in being a spineless loser in the name of self-sacrifice and at the expense of a fair democratic process.

At least Ann Coulter gets it[6]:

It’s bad enough that the Republican Party can’t prevent Democrats from voting in its primaries and saddling us with The New York Times’ favorite Republican as our presidential nominee. If the Republican Party can’t protect an election won by the incumbent U.S. senator in Minnesota, there is no point in donating to the Republican Party.

I hate to say it, but she’s right. After so many extravagant promises that Republicans were going to learn their lesson after the last election and that this year, they were going to stick by their principles and fight, I’m less than impressed with how they are starting off the new year. Norm Coleman himself may not be the pinnacle of Republican virtue, but at least got a conviction that he’s willing to fight for. I wish that others would take notice and follow his example. Until they do, Republicans had better get very comfortable with being the minority party.

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