Charlie Sheen Calls For Trump’s DEATH Then Gets OBLITERATED By Americans

Charlie Sheen Calls For Trump’s DEATH Then Gets OBLITERATED By Americans

Look ladies and gentlemen… Charlie Sheen is back. No, there’s no “Winning!” happening this time. In fact, the man has basically been shredded all over social media for his lack of, well, a soul.

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It is very clear that Sheen really dislikes Donald Trump. From his interview on The Graham Norton show, we could tell that their history together, according to Sheen, was not a good one. But fake cuff links aside, where does the justification come from when an actor wishes death upon another human being and a President-elect at that? Well, that’s exactly what Charlie Sheen Tweeted out. He did it in the usual ‘it’s a joke, so I can say it’ passive aggressive way, but nonetheless, the hope for the man’s death is there.

Here is what Sheen wrote on his Twitter:


That’s probably not the smartest thing Sheen has ever expressed, well, besides his tiger blood and the whole Vatican assassins deal…that was just nuts…but this takes a close 2nd because wishing harm on soon to be Presidents may not exactly be a good idea.

After the Tweet was made, a lot of other Tweeters felt that they needed to Tweet in defense of Trump, with a pretty clear common goal to put the petty, disgusting hate aside because it just perpetuates the hate that has plagued 2016. It’s been so bad, that Jake Tapper had to Tweet in a response and it sure didn’t read as if he was joking around:

Tapper was serious and I believe that both sides of the political storm can appreciate any sort of reconciliation. We are going to need more of it if we plan on healing. Throw the pride out and start viewing everyone around you as Americans on the same side. Stop allowing politicians on both sides to accuse, confuse or demonize the other side for pure political gain. Are we not all tired of being used yet?

Here’s some more Tweets in response:

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