Check Out the Reaction of a Real Navy SEAL when He Watches ISIS’ ‘Navy SEAL’ Video

by Greg Campbell | May 14, 2015 2:30 pm

ISIS is trying really hard to show how serious they are about this whole terrorist thing. They even released a video of their “elite” forces. IJReview[1] then showed that video to a real Navy SEAL for his take. Check it out:


The most recent development in the ISIS propaganda war is a highly stylized video showcasing the skills of their newly minted ‘Navy SEALS’ force. In the video, ISIS Navy SEALs swim doggie style downstream, do karate and carry sharp knives in their mouths. Very intimidating stuff.

Naturally, IJReview asked a real Navy SEAL, Jonathan Gilliam, to review and deliver unfiltered comment on this training video.

You can view the original ISIS video here[3].

Though these clowns are no match for our elite soldiers, it should be noted that ISIS appears to be taking their jihad very seriously. Meanwhile, we are saddled with a so-called “Commander-in-Chief” that is infinitely more concerned with using the military as a petri dish for social experimentation than using them as an awe-inspiring fighting tool to decimate these savages.

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