CHEERS! 5 Reasons Why UK Independence WINS And Why WE Are Celebrating It!

by Greg Campbell | June 24, 2016 7:06 pm

The #Brexit vote is an astounding refutation of globalism and rabid multiculturalism. So, it is little wonder why the left is acting like someone kicked their puppy dog. One comedian and conservative author, however, has shined a light on why this is such a big deal and why conservatives in America should rejoice:[1]


From Louder with Crowder:

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about #Brexit lately. Possibly from socialist turdbombs who took to social media to denounce the decision. It’s terribly embarrassing for them, because this is the greatest thing to happen to Britain since Led Zeppelin. In case you’re unfamiliar, here’s a brief recap: Britain just (as in yesterday) voted to leave the tyrannical European Union. This news is awesome for the UK and for us too. So awesome, in fact, we’ve made a fancy list to break down why #Brexit is worth celebrating.

1) Independence for Britain. The EU sunk its claws into Britain and instated its own policies in place of the UK’s previous ones. Those policies happened to suck (see EU Countries Not Allowed to Detain Illegal Migrants. Guess Why…[3]). The result? The UK has been robbed of its identity – because British culture is secondary to the whims of the European Union. Also, Britain has since lost the freedom to make its own decisions for Britain. Their choices have to be approved on a European level[4] before being enacted. We call this “collectivism.” It’s as terrible as it sounds.

Britain used to be the strongest nation in the world; they’re perfectly capable of governing themselves. And will. As members of the EU, they were over-ruled and over-regulated to globalist hell by unelected entities whose values clearly didn’t match their own. Progress? Hardly. In fact if we examine history, a ruling class of unelected officials is backwards. The USA, of all nations, understands what that’s like.

2) Less migrants in the UK. Yes, this gets a number all to itself. That’s how important it is. Not sorry. You know who also shouldn’t be sorry or guilt-tripped? Brits who want to keep Britain Britain by controlling immigration. That’s not racist, that’s not xenophobic. We feel you, Britain. We’ve seen what mass refugee influx looks like here, but in Britain too. In case you’re wondering, it mostly looks like a whole bunch of rape2 (Toni Bugle Exposes Muslim Rape in the UK[5]). Sure, damage has already been done – but at least further damage can be prevented. Now there won’t be a EU migrant quota to fill[6], or someone breathing down Britain’s neck about it either. In short, Britain can finally figure out this migrant mess for themselves and do whatever the heck it deems appropriate for its national interest. Again, not racism. You “Remain” harpies can keep the shaming tactics to yourselves. Didn’t work.

3. First step to disarming the giant bully that is the EU. Now that the UK broke the ice, other countries may be inspired to stand up to the European Union rather than be pushed around (European Union Plans to Fine Countries… For Refusing Refugees[7]). The less countries under the EU’s reign, the better. Why? Because the European Union is bad at doing things. What things? Everything, turns out. #Brexit means the cash flow from Britain to the EU is nixed, so consequentially the EU will have less control.

Also, the UK can keep their own money for their own country. No, that’s not greed. It’s their right. Why should the UK have to pony up the cash for failing countries like Greece or Spain? Are you seeing the same analogy I’m seeing? Because what the UK just did to the EU was more than just a giant Union Jack flag wave. They also gave a huge middle finger to socialism. Here’s a political cartoon for you:

4. Globalization and collectivism sucks. As touched upon in point three, everyone in the European Union is beholden to each other. For example, Greece is having a huge debt crisis[8]. That’s the entire Union’s problem now, so they scraped together a whopping $8.4 billion to bailout Greece. A country that still sucks. Guess where that money comes from? The pockets of more successful countries. The strong have to pull extra for the weak. Sure, this makes some in the UK feel all romantic and good-hearted. For now. But in the long run it doesn’t work. If an individual is continually bailed out for his failings by someone who’s successful, what typically happens? The loser continues to mooch for as long as he can. Why not? Pretty sweet deal. Right up until the one being mooched tells him to go pound sand. Except in the EU, the UK was told to STFU, keep paying for other countries to suck. Well pretty soon every country involved will grow weaker, not stronger. Even rich and successful countries like the UK aren’t exempt from the crapfest that is created by collectivism.

Which is why the UK said “Thanks but y’all can drag each other down.” Okay, they wouldn’t say “y’all.” More like “Cheers, losers.”

People still value freedom.Even Europeans. Hard to imagine, right? What with all the non-freedom going on[9]over there. This is good news for us, because we like freedom. Britain stood up for itself. Rightly so, might I add. The UK is entitled to exercising their right to be a great nation without being dictated to. Without being lectured. Without being shamed. Especially when said dictators are socialist crapweasels. This is a significant wave in increasingly liberal and unfree Europe. The rest of the world could use a reminder that yes, freedom still matters.

With Independence Day right around the corner, this couldn’t be more relevant. We salute you, Britain. Welcome to the independence party. Today I shall drink your tea rather than dumping it into Boston Harbor.

It’s quite ironic, isn’t it? Obama warned Britons to not leave the EU or else they will face trade consequences with the U.S.

So, in other words, an American king warned Britons not to defy his edicts or else they will suffer consequences.

It’s weird to be on this side of things…

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