Chelsea Clinton Under Fire After She Was Caught Using…

Chelsea Clinton Under Fire After She Was Caught Using…

The Clinton name and hypocrisy go hand-in-hand and at this point, it’s almost embarrassing. Scandal after scandal, hypocritical decree after hypocritical decree, how can anyone vote to put this family in charge of the United States?


Everyone knows that liberals are in love with the smugness of telling everybody they know that they care about climate change. Yeah, we get it, you ride a bike to work and recycle your brain cells among your friends. Do you want a party?

And then there are gems like this.

Chelsea Clinton is (rightfully) catching flak over her recent trip to the “Clean Energy Roundtable.”

The problem with her visit? She took a PRIVATE JET to get there. Last time I checked, we hadn’t developed the technology necessary to get jets to run on a renewable energy.

How can anyone take you seriously when you’re preaching about wind turbines and solar panels (liberal approved) when you used dead dinosaurs (not liberal approved) to get where you’re going?

The best part of this whole situation? She used the jet to get to a location that was 5 hours away from where she was campaigning for her mother.

But Chelsea is not the first Clinton to take a private jet for an absurdly short distance.

Hillary Clinton was also caught taking a private jet for a 20 mile hop from Martha’s Vineyard to Nantucket.

Now compare that to all of the times she has talked about how badly we need to change our ways and accept that we are the reason that the Earth is heating up, er, cooling down, uhm, doing something? Whatever our climate is doing, we are responsible for it and we need to do something to fix it!

And by that, “we” clearly doesn’t include Clinton or her family. Why should it? The law doesn’t apply to them, nor the concept of human decency or humility. It’s not like they should have to practice what they preach or anything, even though the average conservative/Republican would be publicly tarred and feathered.

Do you think the Clintons should be held accountable for their hypocritical behavior, or should they be allowed to continue to pollute the environment with dead dinosaur fumes (or, you know, something) because these conferences are too far away to just drive/bike/jog to? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page and leave us a comment with your opinion on the Crooked Clintons!

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