Chicago Mother Turned Monster When She Decided To Torture 7 Yr-Old Son For TWO Years

Chicago Mother Turned Monster When She Decided To Torture 7 Yr-Old Son For TWO Years


According to her judge, this woman is a “danger to society.” And after hearing about this tragedy, I certainly don’t see myself disagreeing with that. The young children of this woman need our prayers. Thank heavens they are now in protective custody where they can be taken care of and nurtured.

Chicago mother, Caroline Woods, has been charged with torturing her seven year-old son.  Police picked up her seven year-old son who was found running along the road in only a pull up. An onlooker saw the child and called the police to find the boy. Once picked up, he was able to give the police his name and address. From there the true tragedy began to be told.


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Doctors who examined the little boy said that they had never seen so many injuries on one child. He had been kept in deplorable conditions. He was forced to live, eat, sleep and relieve himself in a small closet. When he was fed, the food was minimal and of poor quality. His punishments for bad behavior were dealt out by his mother and her boyfriend. And they were horrific to say the least. These punishments included being forced to sit on a hot stove. It is also said that they would hold him down and burn the poor little boy’s genitals.

Both the young man and his two year-old sister were taken into child protective custody immediately and are now doing well. But the mother and her sick boyfriend were also taken into a different kind of custody. Both are being tried. The judge denied bail to the mother and deemed her a “danger to society.”

I truly do not believe a woman could be capable of the disturbing crimes if she was of sound mind. How could these children be forced to suffer so greatly?

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