Chris Christie SNAPS at Jake Tapper Over Refugees [Watch]

by McGuire | November 19, 2015 3:16 pm

Governor Chris Christie got a little snappy with Jake Tapper today when the CNN anchor pressed him on Republicans taking a stand against letting refugees into the United States[1]:

tapper-christie (1)[2]

Tapper brought up how most of the Paris terrorists were French and Belgian citizens, saying that while refusing refugees may be the “popular thing to do” on the right, “I don’t hear you or any of your fellow presidential candidates calling for European citizens to be banned from entering the United States.”

Christie snapped back, “Jake, how do you know that most of the terrorists are from Europe? How do you know that? I mean, I’d love to know how you figured that one out.”

He told Tapper it’s not fair to make that kind of “blanket conclusion,” adding that the suggestion that most of the terrorists are inside Europe “just doesn’t wash with me.”

I don’t know about you but I am glad that there seem to be a growing number of politicians that are taking less and less crap from the mainstream media outlets. Good for you guys. I am sick of seeing little puppets on news programs that squish to whatever opinion is being spouted at the moment.

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