Christian Group Kicked Off Campus For Extremely Ridiculous Reason

It’s all the rage now telling Christian’s what they can and can’t think. It’s all en vogue for college campus to come up with ridiculous rulings. Put the two together and you have a Christian organization kicked out for saying their leaders should be Christian.


“Every club is allowed to establish its own standards for how leaders are selected. as long as its non-discriminatory, and then they are voted on by the members. Fraternities and sororities must comply with all the requirements thereof, but there is a gender exemption,” said Lynch.

Bianca Travis, the president of Chi Alpha was stunned at the university’s decision to kick the organization off campus:

“How could someone lead you in a prayer to a God that they don’t even believe in? That’s why we feel like this is so unfair and how it doesn’t make sense how anyone could try to lead a group that they don’t believe their mission…We have lost so many opportunities to reach our campus and be a part of the campus community and be a part of the school we love in general…I don’t feel like that attending a college university should cost me my faith.”

This is why some are saying Indiana’s religious freedom law, which mirrors the religious freedom law in 19 other states, is so important.  You can watch Travis’s interview here.

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