What should you do with your Christmas tree now? Launch it with a giant slingshot, of course! [VIDEO]

by Rachel Alexander | December 28, 2014 1:12 pm

chrsmtstrslngsht[1]Wearing a red reindeer Christmas sweatshirt, this German engineer from the Slingshot Channel decided to get rid of his Christmas tree after the holiday was over by launching it with a slingshot. In a video entitled “The Santa Slayer,” below, he explains how to trim the branches off, leaving a few nobs for the rubber launcher, then launches the tree-size projectile  using a massive lifesize slingshot.[2]

IJ Review reports,

In case you were wondering, it makes an impressive impact. And yes, they removed the ornaments (and most of the branches) first.

It should probably go without saying, but shooting Christmas trees is not recommended for amateur slingshot marksmen. This is for experienced giant slingshot technicians only.

Be sure to watch the video the entire way through; the best part comes after the demonstration when the exuberant host puts on an animated Santa hat and starts dancing…

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