CIA Officer ACCUSES Obama: ‘Fed Government, INFILTRATED by the Muslim Brotherhood’

by Just An American | November 9, 2015 3:17 pm

Former CIA agent Clare Lopez has stated that President Obama switched sides long ago[1]…and he is not working for the American people. These claims have sparked a lot of controversy and people are finding our top officials are being left out of the loop of information that is ESSENTIAL to America.


It was almost a year ago when former CIA agent Clare Lopez revealed that President Barack Obama had switched sides in the war on terror. He seemed to want to remove “American power and influence, including military forces, from Islamic lands.”

Lopez also claimed that the federal government had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, and that together they were working with Obama to get rid of “truthful curriculum about the inspirational relationship between Islamic doctrine, law, and Scripture and Islamic terrorism.”

As a result, she claims, our top officials are being left in the dark. And it’s making it increasingly difficult to differentiate between allies and enemies.

“From my perspective, I’m seeing American national security interests steadily eroded, almost everywhere we look, and the forces of adversaries and enemies advancing,” she concluded.

The outlook is bleak until we can get an honest president in the White House. Obama’s anti-American and pro-Islam perspective is getting us nowhere.

And the stakes get higher each day.

The truth is, we know NOT what the President of the United States does beyond closed doors…this is very scary when you have a character like Obama, calling the shots from inside the doors of the White House.

Do you think it is possible D.C. has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood…? Be heard, and fire off in the comment section.

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