CIVIL WAR Could Be Ignited by Today’s Supreme Court Decision

CIVIL WAR Could Be Ignited by Today’s Supreme Court Decision

Illinois — home to the crime-ridden Chicago — is at the center of a new battle surrounding gun rights.

Several years ago the Supreme Court ruled that residents in the state are allowed to practice concealed carry. But since that ruling, several cities have passed ordinances banning semi-automatic weapons.

The Supreme Court may decide to take this case as early as today. And if they do, a Civil War could break out, according to Bob Owens from Bearing Arms:


The U.S. Supreme Court may decide as early as today whether they will hear a case concerning the obvious unconstitutionality of a Chicago suburb’s ban on semi-automatic firearms. These firearms are clearly protected by the explicit intent of the Second Amendment to protect arms suitable for militia use by the American people.

The explicit intent of the Second Amendment as written by the Founding Fathers was to ensure that the citizenry—whom they refer to as the militia—will always be armed with weapons of contemporary military utility in order to form a counterweight to the corrupting influence of government.

The firearms specifically banned by Highland Park and other municipalities are the semi-automatic carbines and rifles best suited for that original role as imagined by the Founders in a contemporary context.

If the Supreme Court fails to take up the case, or takes up the case and decides against Freidman, then they will have set the stage for an inevitable civil war, pitting the nation’s radical anti-gun Democrats who desire to destroy the Second Amendment against the 100-140 million American gun owners who will not comply with laws and court decisions that clearly fly in the face of original intent.

It’s interesting that gun control addicts often talk about the Second Amendment and the Founding Fathers intentions as being for a militia yet they don’t seem to grasp what that actually means.

In the ruling in Chicago, which of course is one of the most corrupt states in the country, the ban was kept in place which is why it may indeed be heard by the Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court bans the most popular rifle in America, there is little doubt that chaos would break out.

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