CLARITY: Dear Uninformed Safe Space Liberals Claiming Our Country Is “RACIST”

by Alexandria Willis | November 10, 2016 6:55 pm


This woman is not afraid to say what needs to be said!!! Check out her bold words here. To read the whole article click here.[2]

CLARITY: Dear Uninformed Safe Space Liberals Claiming Our Country Is “RACIST” scrolled through social media. Liberals were melting down. They wrote stuff like, “I don’t know how we consistently underestimated the quiet endurance of racism in America.” They whined over “flagrant sexism.” Others reposted stuff like this:






We’re not racist. We’re not sexist. We want people to come into this country legally. That’s not racist. Progressive leadership in the big, urban cities hasn’t pulled the black community out of poverty. It’s worsened it. Liberalism has failed them. We acknowledge that. We want them to prosper. That’s not racist. And as for being sexist? All issues are women’s issues. I have no idea why liberals continue to separate them. Do they really believe we only care about vaginas, boobs and killing our offspring? Liberals assumed we (women) would vote for Hillary based on those reasons alone. THAT’S sexist, if you ask me. Women care about the economy. We care about national security. We care about the almost $20 trillion national debt. We care about the erosion of our freedoms. We care about the future of the Supreme Court. The list goes on and on and on.

This is a message we all need to hear. We are not what we are labeled to be.

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