Climahysteric Today: Know What Else AGW Causes? More AGW!

Sometimes these Believers give me a headache with their so-called “science.” Global Warming Effects Causes Further Climate Change

Climate change is very real, according to top scientists who are studying the current conditions caused by global warming. This current generation is watching more changes than any previous on Earth. A team of scientists at Stanford University discovered that greenhouse gas emissions increased far more rapidly than they expected.

“We now have data showing that from 2000 to 2007, greenhouse gas emissions increased far more rapidly than we expected,” Chris Field, who was lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, said in a statement.

The Nobel-winning IPCC issued a report over a year ago based on data from 2000 to 2007. The critical report suggested that changes to the planet are continuing at a high rate of drought, more intense storms, and rising sea levels. Scientists fear that if global warming is not slowed, changes could spin out of control and might become irreversible.

So, if CO2 is increasing far more rapidly then expected, then perhaps they could explain

Arctic sea ice growth finished the year in 2008 at the same level as 1979.
The oceans have been cooling since 2003.
Sea ice is growing at the fastest pace on record.
Greenland’s glaciers are stabilizing.
There are growing fears of a coming freeze worse than the ice age.
Alaskan Sea Glaciers are advancing for the first time in 250 years.
And, for the second straight year the Earth is, in fact, cooling… not warming.

Of course, we all know the answer: $$$ and control. Interestingly, if Climate Change is so serious  OMG WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE, then why has cap and trade been traded away by Senate Democrats? Especially in light of the above story stating that up to 30% of animals and plants are facing extinction. But, on the bright side, the study blames the developing world, which will certainly raise a certain finger to those who already have theirs trying to stop the developing countries from moving past burning dung for cooking and heating.

On the cwazy side, we have a Believer who thinks that the UK population must be cut in half. That would be about 30 million people. Some of these Believers make Stalin look like a piker. (I see Cassie has a post up about this here at RWN, as well)

At least this hasn’t been blamed on AGW. Yet

Wild turkeys are turning into bullies in one Michigan town.

Tri-County International Trucks employee Dave Dodes told the Jackson Citizen Patriot that three of the birds scared a truck driver so much he stayed in his vehicle when he stopped at the truck service shop Friday.

He said a company worker had to create a diversion so the driver could escape, and the turkeys chased both men inside the building in an industrial area at the edge of Jackson, Mich.

Dodes says the birds had been seen near the building for a long time but only recently turned aggressive.

He says “they’re not afraid of traffic, and now they chase people around.”

I wonder if we could get the turkeys to go around and turn the lights off on March 28th?

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