Climate Change Bad For “The Poor”

by William Teach | December 14, 2008 9:16 am

Will this be the new meme to push governments to deal with AGW? Climate Change ‘hits poor hardest’[1]

nuclear power for the poorSir David Attenborough and Archbishop Desmond Tutu have called on world leaders to do more to protect the poor from the devastating effects of climate change.

The two were among 19 signatories of a letter to The Times[2] urging Western countries to “lead the way” at the United Nations climate change summit in Poznan, Poland. With disease, droughts and uncertainty over crops being blamed on global warming, they said it was essential that agreements were reached.

Signatories included campaigners such as Sheila Watt-Cloutier, a Canadian Inuit activist, and Janina Ochojska, president of the Polish Humanitarian Organisation, alongside musicians, authors and actors, including Scarlett Johansson, Annie Lennox, Ian McEwan and Colin Firth.

They said it was “desperately unfair that the poor should again feel the brunt, despite being least responsible”.

Now, when it was 650 scientists[3] stating that AGW was a bunch of mule fritters, the Believers started asking about peer review and degrees, as well as making personal attacks and wondering if the coal and oil lobbies paid them off. When it is the above folks, the Believers will not require anything. Though, if Scarlett Johansson was asking me to do something in person, yeah, I’d probably do it.

As far as “the poor” goes, what will really hurt them is artificially increased energy prices from climate change legislation. And the artificially increased energy prices will cause everything else to increase. It will be harder for “the poor” to find jobs. Hey, maybe they could go work for GM at lower hourly rates?

You know what happens when energy is cheap and plentiful? The living standards go up. People may complain about the plight of “the poor” in countries like the US and England, but, they have places to live. TVs. Microwave ovens. Heat and AC. Maybe a car. Floors not made of dirt. Know what they have in lots of 3rd world countries? Not TVs and microwaves. Not cars. Floors made of dirt and, if they are lucky, tin roofs. Disease is rampant. Healthcare? Food? Good luck with that. Want to raise their standard of living? Give them cheap and plentiful energy. Build a couple of nuke plants. Use solar, water, and wind (though, climahysterics tend to also hate water power, ie, dams, too.)

The poor do not generally give a rats butt about climate change. Caring about AGW is reserved for middle and upper class folks who already “got theirs.” Now they want to screw the poor by raising prices with their insane legislation, which is more about making them feel good, rather then doing anything. Especially since most of the Believers rarely do anything to reduce their own “carbon footprint.”

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove[4], decidedly carbon un-friendly

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