Clinton Caught Bussing Supporters Into Small PA Rally

Clinton Caught Bussing Supporters Into Small PA Rally

With the media’s reporting that Hillary Clinton received a 4% boost from the Presidential debate, you would think that she wouldn’t find it necessary to have to bus people in to show her support. Of course, her Florida rally was so pitiful that she must have been screaming and yelling about how that can never happen again and so forth. It wouldn’t surprise me if she kicked a puppy afterward just to get her point across.


In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were not only bussed in from out of town, but also paid to attend the rally.

Self proclaimed “Citizen Journalist” Erica Setnick (@ericalynnxoo) attended the rally and updated on Twitter.

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It’s hard not to believe that Hillary is being forced to bring in (potentially paid) individuals, especially after you’ve seen crowds like this:


Of course, perception is reality and if people think there is a large crowd, they will automatically assume that Hillary pulled that crowd in and that she has a lot of supporters. It doesn’t matter what the facts are, the media has the mindset of the simplest voter down to a science.

Say what you want about Donald Trump (and believe me, I do. I don’t like the guy), at least he actually had people who are genuinely interested in packing a stadium and listening to what he has to say.

At least he doesn’t act like an angry, wet cat that was thrown into a box of dogs.

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