CNN Caught HIDING What Guest Is Wearing – Wait Until You See Why… [VIDEO]

CNN Caught HIDING What Guest Is Wearing – Wait Until You See Why… [VIDEO]

WOW! The nerve of CNN is actually in this case quite embarrassing! They just made themselves look like total douche-bags. However…it’s what they do best, so whatever.

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Anyhow, you know those parents that leave their kids in the car, so they can go do whatever the hell they want? Yea, I hate those ones. In most cases these stories end in tragedy and it’s SENSELESS!

Here is a man however, that saved a baby from this far too common scenario and he was a community HERO because of it.

Even CNN wanted a piece of his story, so they set up an interview with him expecting to hear all about his heroic actions. What they didn’t expect is what he was going to wear…

They didn’t like it, so did something pretty outrageous to ensure what they didn’t agree with didn’t get out to the public.

Get a load of this…it’s going to blow your mind.

Or piss you off…either one.

“I recognize the civilians who took immediate action to rescue this child, for they truly saved a life,” said the local Police Chief Andrew Kudrick.

Mazzone appeared on the CNN Center headquartered network HLN, where he was wearing a Trump 2016 t-shirt.

But that’s just how he appeared on the first airing of the episode. By the second, Mazzone’s shirt had been blurred.

What could’ve possibly caused the network to censor his pro-Trump shirt the second time his appearance was aired? Did they panic after realizing that they just featured a Trump supporter in a positive light?

Well that’s enough to make you want to shoot your T.V. every time CNN is on it. I mean, really? They can’t stand that a hero that is being admired by many for his actions is also a Trump supporter.

The man saved a life. HE SAVED A BABY’S LIFE! Yet they are still focused on something petty and if there is something that does not agree with their agenda, then they twist it, hide it, or full on lie about it.

They are a news channel, there to tell the news as it is. It’s not their opinions that matter. However, we know all to well that CNN does not do their job. Mainstream media period, does not do their job.

Then again, that’s Obama’s America for you. Embrace the ‘stupid’, ignore the facts.


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