CNN Reporter Asks Trump RUDE Question – His Response SHUTS Her Down! VIDEO

CNN Reporter Asks Trump RUDE Question – His Response SHUTS Her Down! VIDEO

Like him or not, you have to admit that Donald Trump is putting serious work into his campaign, unlike Hillary Clinton who likely won’t be seen until the end of the election. She needs to nap often, you know. It’s important that a potential President is asleep more than they’re out among the people. Wouldn’t want to have to be awake for that 3 AM phone call. Heck, even the 3 PM phone calls might be a bit much for her.

But Trump is finding the time to both campaign AND run his business, which is absolutely amazing. Unless you’re CNN’s Dana Bash, in which case you don’t realize that people can do more than one thing at a time.


When Bash approached Trump, she asked him a question that would knock the air out of most people, but not Trump. He’s had to face more than his fair share of vitriol over the past year and most of the time he handles it pretty well.

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She actually had the gall to ask him if his campaign is all about “free advertising” and whether he is neglecting his campaign in favor of his business. His answer was pretty epic.

Watch the video below:

He definitely hit a home run with the Hillary remark. I wonder why CNN never asks her those questions when she goes to events for the Clinton Foundation.

Trump is a father first and a businessman second, and like he said, he wants to support his kids. The fact that she actually had the nerve to make it about politics when it was clearly a different environment altogether is, in fact, insulting. At this point, they’re just grasping at straws, desperate to make him look bad in front of the nation and he’s not going to take it lying down.

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