CNN’s TOP Story Reported Saddam’s Daughter ENDORSED Trump – Their Report Is A LIE!

CNN’s TOP Story Reported Saddam’s Daughter ENDORSED Trump – Their Report Is A LIE!


Ironically, President Barack Obama recently claimed that it was the media’s fault that Hillary R. Clinton did not win the election this past month. Which is laughable considering the way the media demonized and targeted Donald Trump. They deliberately misrepresented his beliefs and statements. They worked hard to paint Donald Trump a certain way. The fact that they were so wildly out of touch with American’s beliefs was brought home by the way they were shocked when Donald Trump won the election. Aren’t they supposed to be on top of those things?

And recently, a little digging showed how completely ridiculous one of their boldest claims was. CNN reported that Saddam Hussein’s daughter endorsed Donald Trump as president.

So, I am going to let you read exactly what she said and you tell me if it sounds like an endorsement to you.

After explaining how much she has hated watching both Bush and Obama’s interference in the Middle East she said:

“This man has just arrived to the leadership… But from what is apparent, this man has a high level of political sensibility, that is vastly different than the one who preceded him,” she told CNN. “He exposed the mistakes of the others, specifically in terms of Iraq, which means he is very aware of the mistakes made in Iraq and what happened to my father.”

Does that sound like an endorsement to you? Because to me it sounds like she is just hoping it is not as bad as it has been. And let’s also remember, this woman has been in hiding for the last decade since her father’s death.

Typical CNN.


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