Collaborating with Madness: Former Johns Hopkins Chief of Psychiatry Speaks Out Against Transgenders

by Warner Todd Huston | June 5, 2016 4:54 pm

Wow. This is a brave doctor. The former Chief of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at the university, Dr. Paul R. McHugh, just came out and said that indulging the whims of these transgender people is no less than “collaborating with madness.”

Over at CNSNews[1] we find the good doctor saying transgenderism is a severe mental disorder and doctors should not be bending over backwards to legitimize this mental illness.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, and former psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital who has studied transgenderism and sex-reassignment surgery for 40 years, said the condition is a “mental illness” and to enable it is equal to “collaborating with madness.”….

….But as Dr. McHugh explains in the chapter “Surgical Sex” in his book The Mind Has Mountains: Reflections on Society and Psychiatry (Johns Hopkins University Press), transgender is a “mental illness,” and to surgically alter someone’s genitalia is to enable a disorder.

“I have witnessed a great deal of damage from sex reassignment,” states Dr. McHugh in his book. “The children transformed from their male constitution into female roles suffered prolonged distress and misery as they sensed their natural attitudes” as males develop.

“As for the adults who came to us [at Johns Hopkins Hospital] claiming to have discovered their ‘true’ sexual identity and to have heard about sex-change operations, we psychiatrists have been distracted from studying the causes and natures of their mental misdirections by preparing them for surgery and for a life in the other sex,” he said.

“We have wasted scientific and technical resources and damaged our professional credibility by collaborating with madness rather than trying to study, cure, and ultimately prevent it,” said Dr. McHugh.

Doctor McHugh isn’t alone, of course.

Only a few months ago the American College of Pediatricians came out to warn parents that forcing transgenderism on children was nothing short of child abuse.

Breitbart News reported[2] in March that the ACofP said, “a person’s belief that he or she is something they are not is, at best, a sign of confused thinking.”

The group went on to insist that human gender is a fixed biological fact, not something that can change with feeelings.

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