College bans white students from Harambe jokes because ‘they’re racist’

College bans white students from Harambe jokes because ‘they’re racist’

When the gentle, beautiful gorilla Harambe was MURDERED in a death storm of bullets – okay, just one bullet – earlier this summer, many twitter fingers and keyboard warriors promised themselves…”Never Forget!”… – and so now we have gorilla memes which have been awash all over social media all summer.


But one snowflake yielding university has cried that Harambe jokes are ‘racist microaggressions’ against African American students, in a short letter rumored to be sent to students – relating to a floor at the University of Massachusetts, called ‘Harambee’.

A Student posted a screenshot of the letter that was sent out, which he claims was sent to students at UMass by Resident Assistants who are in charge of the floors.

The snowflake letter lets the residents know that the Harambe letters ‘are not only derogatory but also micro-aggression’s’ and said, ‘Any negative remarks regarding ‘Harambe’ will be seen as a direct attack to our campus’ African American community.’

Yup. Snowflakes on are at it again and it’s just as ugly as it’s been for every ‘offense’ they’ve claimed before.

The resident snowflakes continue with, ‘To be very clear: using… phrases/hashtags which encourage the exposition of body parts runs the risk of being reported as a Title IX incident. These are sexual assault incidences that not only get reported to Community Standards, but also to the Dean of Students.’

Who wants to be associated with these psychos? WE have lost a whole generation to the Marxist professors that indoctrinate your adult babies. Does free speech exist anymore? Not on campuses.

Alright. Russia? North Korea? China? If any of you have ever wanted to attack the US, now would be an ideal time. All of our fighting aged men and women would fall on the ground crying with their thumbs in their mouths just by hearing your planes.

Operation Snowflake is a go, people.

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