College Codes Make ‘Color Blindness’ a Microaggression…wait, what?

College Codes Make ‘Color Blindness’ a Microaggression…wait, what?

You know how, back in the day, you were taught to judge a man not by the color of their skin but the content of their character? And how we should live in a colorblind world that views people as humans first and not just by their race?

Yeah, apparently that’s a problematic micro-aggression now

College Codes Make 'Color Blindness' a Microaggression...wait, what?

The “problematization” of students who refuse to think and behave racially is best captured in a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) guide to “Recognizing Microaggressions.” In keeping with other campus speech codes, the guide treats as dicey everything from simple questions (such as asking someone “Where were you born?”) to expressions of faith in meritocracy (like saying “America is the land of opportunity”). But even more perniciously, it warns students and faculty members against being non-racial, telling them they must always “acknowledge” other people’s race.

UCLA says “Color Blindness,” the idea we shouldn’t obsess over people’s race, is a microaggression. If you refuse to treat an individual as a “racial/cultural being,” then you’re being aggressive. This is a profound perversion of what has been considered the reasoned, liberal approach for decades—that treating people as “racial/cultural beings” is wrong and dehumanizing.

They should make pills for this…

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