College Football Player Stands ALONE For National Anthem While Cowardly Teammates Protest Indoors

College Football Player Stands ALONE For National Anthem While Cowardly Teammates Protest Indoors


Honestly, I think this story made my day today. My faith in humanity has definitely increased. One of the greatest struggles in life is standing alone. It takes courage and determination to believe in something enough to be willing to stand alone to defend that belief. And that is exactly what this young man, a football player, was willing to do as his teammates all protested the National Anthem.

At Millikin University in Decatur, Illinois, the football team has decided they would like to express their feelings towards race relations in the United States. When the National Anthem begins playing the entire team has decided to stay inside the locker room as way to protest.

But one young man decided he would not be defined by his team. He felt like he couldn’t identify with their actions. And so this college football player, Conor Brewer, left his locker room. And on the side of his football field he stood alone. Without the support of a single person, he felt like he needed to show respect for the United States of America.

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I have said it before and I will continue to do so. This country deserves so much from us. That flag and the National Anthem are so much more than a piece of fabric and a song. They represent the sacrifices of American citizens who have preceded us. It is a flag that was carried by all colors. And it is even the flag that was held while our nation fought for the freedom of slaves. It is a flag that was carried and held when everything was at stake.

They have the right to protest, but I believe they are entirely missing the mark here. Choose something else to protest. And for those of you who are on my side, be brave. And stand with people like this young man.


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