College Professor: Religious Right Worships a Fictional, ‘A**hole’ God of ‘White Supremacy and Patriarchy’

by John Brodgian | April 4, 2015 10:01 am

As a member of the agnostic right, I still believe in a God and feel that Jesus’s teachings are a pretty decent roadmap on how to live your life.  So you can imagine my surprise when I found out about the God my more religious colleagues worship!  Or, at least this is according to Rutgers college professor Brittney Cooper[1] who recently ranted about the topic on (of course)…


Any time right-wing conservatives declare that they are trying to restore or reclaim something, we should all be very afraid. Usually, this means the country or, in this case, the state of Indiana is about to be treated to another round of backward time travel, to the supposedly idyllic environs of the 1950s, wherein women, and gays, and blacks knew their respective places and stayed in them…

I often ask myself whether I really do worship the same God of white religious conservatives…[Jesus] never found time to even mention gay people, let alone condemn them. His message of radical inclusivity was so threatening that the state lynched him for fear that he was fomenting a cultural and political rebellion…

Really, what more is there to say? Yay college education!

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