College student to cop: ‘I ate something bad … humans’

College student to cop: ‘I ate something bad … humans’


It is a little late for Halloween, but this is nothing short of a horror story. This young man was at dinner with his family when he got into an argument with his parents. He left his family and began walking down the street. The mother expressed concern. Apparently her son had been acting strangely for about a week. He had been claiming that he had super powers and that he was here to save people. So, his mom called the police to report her son missing. When they found him his mouth was full of human flesh.

Court documents say that when he was apprehended, he called out for help saying, “Help me, I ate something bad,” but then he says to them the bad thing he ate was “humans” and then he spit out a piece of flesh. He then begged them to just shoot him. Saying that he “deserved to die.”

Currently he is on trial with allegations that could very well lead to his death through the death penalty.

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His parents are obviously devastated. According to, “Harrouff’s parents issued a statement days after the slayings expressing their condolences to the Stevens family and their apologies to neighbor Jeff Fisher, who was stabbed as he tried to rescue the couple.”

How can they overcome this grief? It does appear that the young man was on some sort of synthetic drugs and had recently ingested large quantities of chemicals found in the garage of his victims. His esophagus was badly burned and he spent two months hospitalized after he was taken into custody.

Prayers for the family of both the young man and the victim are needed. I can’t imagine the anguish both families are experiencing following this gruesome death.


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