Condemning The Murder Of George Tiller

by John Hawkins | June 1, 2009 8:49 am

As a pro-life Christian, I don’t have any qualms about unambiguously condemning the man who murdered abortionist George Tiller as he went into church[1],

Dr. George Tiller, whose Kansas women’s clinic frequently took center stage in the U.S. debate over abortion, was shot and killed while serving as an usher at his Wichita church Sunday morning, police said.

Wichita police said a 51-year-old man from the Kansas City, Kansas, area was in custody in connection with the slaying of Tiller, who was one of the few U.S. physicians who still performed late-term abortions.

The killing, which came about 16 years after Tiller survived a shooting outside his Wichita clinic, took place shortly after 10 a.m. Sunday at Reformation Lutheran Church. Officers found the 67-year-old dead in the foyer, police said.

Witnesses provided a description of the car and a license number of the killer’s getaway vehicle, Wichita police spokesman Gordon Bassham said. Police stopped a blue Ford Taurus matching the description about three hours later in Gardner, about 30 miles southwest of Kansas City, and took the driver into custody.

No charges had been filed Sunday evening and no motive for the killing was immediately known, but Wichita police Detective Tom Stoltz told reporters: “We think we have the right person arrested.”

The man arrested for the crime, Scott Roeder[2], does seem to be an ardent pro-lifer and it seems quite possible that he killed Tiller for that reason.

If that turns out to be the case, then I believe Roeder should get the death penalty to send a message about how we treat people who kill other Americans for political reasons.

Speaking of which, the only people who seem genuinely thrilled that Tiller is dead are the liberal bloggers who’ve been happily using his death to attack Christians, conservatives, and the pro-life movement.

That being said, there are some people on the Right who’ve condemned Tiller’s murder, sometimes bloodlessly, and then have gone on to attack abortionists and note the death toll created by abortion.

That is a mistake for a simple reason: there’s a time and a place for everything. After an event like this, what you don’t want to do is unintentionally give people a mixed message. You don’t want anyone wondering if the pro-life movement is tacitly approving of these sort of tactics: because we don’t. That’s why pro-life organization after pro-life organization has spoken up to make sure people know where we stand[3],

National Right to Life extends its sympathies to Dr. Tiller’s family over this loss of life.

Further, the National Right to Life Committee unequivocally condemns any such acts of violence regardless of motivation. The pro-life movement works to protect the right to life and increase respect for human life. The unlawful use of violence is directly contrary to that goal.

“The Susan B. Anthony List condemns this anti-life act in the strongest of terms. The heart of the pro-life movement is one founded in love. Without this driving powerful center no justice can possibly be achieved. Authentic progress in women’s rights has always encompassed the protection of human rights of every person across the board. The rights of one human being can never be honored by diminishing or ignoring the rights of another. This week as we gather for our annual June Tea event, themed Love Lets Live, we will lift up George Tiller’s loved ones in prayer.”

Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council, had this to say:

“We are stunned at today’s news. As Christians we pray and look toward the end of all violence and for the saving of souls, not the taking of human life. George Tiller was a man who we publicly sought to stop through legal and peaceful means. We strongly condemn the actions taken today by this vigilante killer and we pray for the Tiller family and for the nation that we might once again be a nation that values all human, both born and unborn.”

Upon hearing the news of the murder of abortionist George Tiller, SFLA Executive Director, Kristan Hawkins, remarked, “Students for Life of America is shocked to hear about the murder of George Tiller. SFLA is a peaceful organization, and we do not condone today’s unfortunate events. We will keep Mr. Tiller’s family in our thoughts and prayers.

Randall Terry, who was once a big wheel in the pro-life movement, made an ass of himself with his statement[4], but that’s pretty much all he does these days,

But Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry, who is no longer affiliated with the group, called Tiller “a mass murderer.”

“We grieve for him that he did not have time to properly prepare his soul to face God,” Terry said in a written statement. “I am more concerned that the Obama administration will use Tiller’s killing to intimidate pro-lifers into surrendering our most effective rhetoric and actions. Abortion is still murder, and we still must call abortion by its proper name.”

Now liberals, being liberals, will go on and on about this issue because they think it’s a great opportunity to try to tie every Christian, pro-lifer, and conservative to this nut who killed Tiller. However, kooks happen every so often. The difference is that the Left tends to embrace many of the ones on their side. See Bill Ayers and Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Also, since there will inevitably be comparisons between Scott Roeder and Muslim radicals, let me just note that the last abortionist murder by a pro-lifer in this country was in 1998. So, over the last decade or so, the ratio of Muslims killing people because of their religious beliefs vs. Christians killing people because of their religious beliefs is what, 100,000-to-1? 200,000-to-1? I’d also note that Muslim groups could take a lesson from the way that pro-life organizations have handled this. If they universally showed the same level of disdain for someone who killed Americans or Israelis, there would be far less terrorism in the world.

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