Convenience store Sign in New Mexico: “Obama & Other Muslims Not Welcome Here.”

Convenience store Sign in New Mexico: “Obama & Other Muslims Not Welcome Here.”

A New Mexico convenience store has offended the entire left wing of America when they put up a sign that insinuated that President Obama is a Muslim. While some may think that this is funny, this store has a history of posting racist and controversial signs.

The owner of the Mayhill convenience store, reportedly a man named Kevin Crouch, has also posted signs in support of the KKK and even had one that simply said “kill Obama.”

racist shop sign in chicago shop window.

This shocking sign is one of many that have graced the window of the convenience store.

Controversial football star Colin Kaepernick was also the target of the owner, who called him an “overpaid half-breed” who needs to “go back to Africa.”

A former employee recounted his time there and how the owner would turn away customers with “offensive” opinions.

Former store employee Marlon McWilliams told KOB: ‘If you go in there and you offend him, you can’t go in there no more. He turns a lot of people away.’

Mr McWilliams said the signs were offensive and he no longer went into the store.


‘I wish somebody would buy it,’ said Mr McWilliams. ‘I really do, because it would be a great asset for somebody to be there to run it. Because that’s the only place you can go to get milk and bread.’

The store is currently up for sale for $359,000.

Local police say that they haven’t opened an investigation into the establishment because there have been no complaints. If the situation that McWilliams claims is true, having it be your only place to shop means that they can do pretty much anything they want because they have a monopoly on the market in that area. Hopefully someone a little more level-headed buys the store and makes it respectable again

Just to be as clear as possible, we here at Right Wing News do NOT agree with this man’s sentiments.

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