Conway Went On FOX And HIT Hillary Supporters With Truth About ‘Russian Hacking’ Controversy VIDEO

Conway Went On FOX And HIT Hillary Supporters With Truth About ‘Russian Hacking’ Controversy VIDEO

It’s funny how Trump’s dismal poll numbers were all his fault and not the result of a rigged system (right Elizabeth Warren?), but somehow everyone OTHER than Hillary is responsible for her November loss.

I guess that’s how it works when you’re a liberal.


Instead of giving the media what it wants – more discussions about how Trump is tied to Russia and what role they had in his election – Kellyanne Conway discussed who actually would have let Putin into our Presidential race.

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Hillary Clinton.

Watch the video below:

What liberals seem to be forgetting is their dogged insistence that Russia absolutely had no chance to hack Clinton’s private server. Mere months later, however, their tune has drastically changed and they are positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that Putin and Trump are BFFs.

Their evidence? A sarcastic comment made by Trump suggesting that Russia might be able to find the 30,000 missing Clinton emails. While it didn’t make news at the time, Press Secretary Josh Earnest is suddenly making a HUGE deal out of that tongue-in-cheek line.

This is a perfect example of how ridiculous liberals are and how desperate they’ve become to sling mud at the President-elect. They need to take Obama’s advice and “get over it.”

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