OF COURSE HE DID! Obama Takes Final SWING At Coal Industry – This Is Bad

OF COURSE HE DID! Obama Takes Final SWING At Coal Industry – This Is Bad

You know, we complain a lot about Obama taking lavish and frequent vacations, but I’m beginning to think that America was better off when he was disengaged. Every time he opens his mouth, something condescending or economy-cratering comes out.

Thank goodness we only have a month of this loser left.


In his usual style of being a complete jerk and trying to put even MORE people out of work, Obama has once again taken to sticking it to the coal industry.

The Interior Department’s Stream Protection Rule will go into effect 30 days after its official release and publication in the federal register, meaning it likely will be implemented Jan. 19 — one day before President-elect Donald Trump takes office. Mr. Trump has vowed to undo much of his predecessor’s environmental regulations, including rules that target coal mining.

The regulations, designed to protect America’s streams and waterways from pollution produced during mining operations, will add significant new costs to coal-mining companies, many of which are already struggling to stay afloat. The Interior Department estimates that it will cost the coal industry about $81 million each year to comply with the rule. The agency stressed that figure is just 0.1 percent of the coal industry’s “aggregate annual revenues.”

The broad new rules require coal companies to “to avoid mining practices that permanently pollute streams, destroy drinking water sources, increase flood risk, and threaten forests.”

More importantly, companies themselves will be required to test and monitor the conditions of all streams that could be affected by their mining, “before, during and after their operations,” the Interior Department said. The testing is meant to provide baseline data that would help government agencies determine if there had been any pollution due to coal mining.

Let’s hope that once Trump takes over he removes these crushing regulations from the coal industry, allowing more miners to go back to work and helping improve our economy.

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