CRAZED Man Shoots Girlfriend Multiple Times Then Runs Over 17 Yr-Old Boy Who Ran To Her Aid [VIDEO]

CRAZED Man Shoots Girlfriend Multiple Times Then Runs Over 17 Yr-Old Boy Who Ran To Her Aid [VIDEO]

A high school student played the role of hero this week, as he was shot twice and run over by a gunman after he tried to help a dying woman.

Daniel Wesley, 17, sprinted over to help April Peck, 30, who had just been tossed out of a car by her boyfriend after he had shot her multiple times. This all went down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


Gunman Terrell Walker, 48, had turned back around and shot at Wesley, hitting him twice before he ran his leg over, breaking it.

Unfortunately, this good Samaritan was unable to save Peck, who succumbed to her wounds.

The maniac boyfriend was found by officers two hours after the ordeal and was killed in a shootout with them. Wesley, who had been going through training as a medic, had rushed over with a medical kit after seeing Pike lying injured in the road while making his way back from the mall.

When Walker returned in his vehicle, he said to Wesley, ‘If you’re helping her, you are going to die, too.’

He blasted him in the back end before continuing to shoot, striking an ambulance that had been waved down. Wesley said he was happy that no other bystanders were hit.


Wesley told local media: ‘On his way back to the car, he shot me again, in the arm. My feet were hanging off the curb and [when] he pulled away, he hit my legs and broke my femur in half. I was thinking “I am not going to die like he said … I am not going to die.”‘

He ended with, ‘I wish I could have done more because that lady ended up dying.’

Walker has had the first two operations and is expected to have to receive further surgery on his mangled arm. What a quality guy. A hero. A GoFundMe page is up and running for his medical expenses.

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