Creepy Clown Picks The WRONG Woman To Mess With!

Creepy Clown Picks The WRONG Woman To Mess With!

Just when it seemed 2016 was at its lowest with our two choices for President, then comes a whole rash of creepy clown sightings. One woman from Maine however, revealed that the best repellent for a creepy clown trying to get his or her jollies off, was to pull out a concealed handgun. Apparently that method worked, because that circus clown changed its tune.


The badass women of this report did not want to be identified, but said that she was relaxing on her porch when an SUV pulled up by her house. The man dressed in clown makeup in the back seat tried to be funny by acting threatening and “formed a gun shape” with his fingers and said “bang.” Not one to be outdone, the woman revealed that she was armed with a gun of the non-finger variety and that was enough for this clown to get a clue about the seriousness of matter. She then reported it to the police and stated that the whole incident really shook her.

The Lewiston-Auburn Sun Journal reported:

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“He had a red Afro wig on and a red nose, the smile was creepy — the painted-on one. He was wearing a clown-looking shirt/costume, and his neck was white. I say, ‘I’m not afraid of clowns,’ the woman said. I started laughing. It’s almost Halloween, so I didn’t think too much about it. Then the clown formed a gun shape with his fingers, the woman said, and mouthed the word ‘bang.’ I picked up my 9 mm — I didn’t point it at him directly, the and said, ‘Back at ya, clown.'”


Maine recently became a “constitutional carry” state, which means they are a state that can carry their firearms, concealed or open, without the use of a permit. Imagine that. A state where this ONE right is not infringed upon by the same government that is supposed to protect it.

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