“Creepy Uncle” Joe Biden Makes Awkward Advance On Senator’s Young Daughter

by Sierra Marlee | January 8, 2015 8:52 pm

If I ever saw any guy coming at my little girl like this, I don’t care what his title, I’d dislocate his jaw like it was nothing. The fact that it is the Vice President of the United States makes it considerably worse. Clinton flash-backs, anyone?[1]

creepybiden[2]You can tell that after the initial interaction between Biden and Sen. Coons’ daughter, she becomes very uncomfortable, and for good reason. Post-swearing in, the mandatory photo-op takes place. After an awkwardly sustained touch of her forearm, Biden and the young girl smile for the cameras. It takes all of one second after the photographers are finished capturing the spectacularly boring event for Biden to nuzzle the young girl’s ear. Despite the fact that she is obviously trying to move away, Biden goes in for a kiss.

Watch the vomit-inducing video below:


Disgusting, right? I certainly wouldn’t want Biden anywhere near my daughter after seeing this.

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