Crooked Hillary Nabbing Top GOP Donors, So What’s Trump’s Counter-Punch?!

Crooked Hillary Nabbing Top GOP Donors, So What’s Trump’s Counter-Punch?!

Hillary Clinton’s campaign isn’t afraid to cross aisles to gather up as much cash as she can and what’s completely mind blowing is that she’s not having that hard of a time doing it.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Campaigns In New York

Reports reveal that Clinton Finance Director Dennis Cheng sent a 1,200-word email to the candidate’s top fundraisers, laying out plans to sweet-talk GOP and Independents who are considered some pretty hot shot donors to give money to the Clinton campaign.

The impulse to reach out to GOP and Independent donors had its inception during the Democratic Convention. A time that saw people like Michael Bloomberg endorse Hillary Clinton. My guess is, the party and campaign felt that the approval ratings were so low for Trump (Hillary Clinton too), that there’s no way that it would hurt to try and nab a few more donors. This election cycle has been upside down and sideways, it’s seems straight party lines are just a big blur this time around.

One fundraiser outline pitch goes like this: “I normally would not be approaching you for money, but I know where your heart is and what you want to see for your party”

California Republican gubernatorial candidate Whitman gestures at a news conference in San Rafael

One notable GOP operative willing to help Clinton is Meg Whitman, who was part of Mitt Romney’s political finance team. A Republican, she pledged her vote to Hillary Clinton, believing her to be a better choice than her own party’s candidate, Trump.

Charlie Spies, Romney’s chief financial officer and counsel during the 2008 campaign, said bluntly, “If Trump’s team had been organized, effective, or putting the party and winning above pettiness, they would have immediately worked — after he became the Republican nominee — through a list of his opponent’s supporters. Instead, they did not. They also made clear: Mr. Trump does not reach out to people, you’re either on board or you’re not.”

When it comes to donors, especially big ones, party affiliation really takes a back seat. Money and favors, or even knowing which candidate could you or your interests have the best results with win with donors. It’s business and politics…not personal for the most part.

Dennis Cheng wrote a sample letter that attempted to sway disenfranchised Republicans and Independents to really throw in with Clinton. What do you think? Are you in?

A growing number of Republicans and Independents are stepping forward to endorse Hillary Clinton for President. They believe that, given the stakes of this election, it is imperative that we put country before party. The broad array of bipartisan officials endorsing Hillary includes leaders in the business community, national security, foreign and economic policy, academia, entertainment, civil society, community-based groups, and current and former elected officials. Voters are increasingly seeing that Hillary understands the complex and volatile world we live in and has the experience and temperament to be President and Commander in Chief, and Donald Trump does not. I hope that you will stand with Hillary, by joining the Together for America Finance Council. Members of the Council will help raise the resources Hillary needs to win. This election is too critical to stay on the sidelines.

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