Cruel Prank Video: Paris Hilton filmed weeping on jet as pilot makes her think it will crash

by Rachel Alexander | June 28, 2015 12:26 pm

Paris[1]Regardless of how you feel about Paris Hilton, this was a pretty horrible prank. She was led to believe that a plane she was flying in was about to crash.[2]

The Daily Mail reports,

Egyptian actor Ramez Galal specializes in producing audacious specials that air during the month of Ramadan.

And in his latest series titled Ramez in Control, revealed on The Huffington Post, he seems to convince Paris she’s about to die in a plane crash and persuade her afterwards that it was just a good laugh.

The episode begins with Paris, who’s making a promotional appearance in Dubai, arriving at the opening of a new hotel.

She poses for photos on the red carpet and then the 34-year-old is persuaded, along with some other guests, to take an aerial tour of the city.

She agrees and ends up seated in a small propeller plane next to Galal, who is mic’d and wearing sunglasses.

plane-parachute[3]Shortly after take off, the DJ and heiress is seen powdering her nose and fixing her makeup using a small vanity mirror.

Suddenly, the plane’s engine splutters and on-board alarms start sounding in the cabin.

‘What’s happening?’ an alarmed Paris asks, turning around in her seat. ‘Is this normal?’

The plane’s pilot continues to maneuver the plane as if it’s in trouble and is plummeting back towards the ground.

By now, everyone on board is screaming, including Paris.

The crew on board started pushing people out of the plane wearing parachutes (right). Eventually, the plane landed just fine and Paris was told it was a prank. Amazingly, she took it pretty well. I probably would have sued the guy. It does make you wonder, was it staged? Watch the video below and decide.

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