Czars Everywhere!

by Melissa Clouthier | June 11, 2009 9:54 am

When I made fun of President Obama’s Czar craze, libs on Twitter gave me a hard time saying that all presidents have Czars. Uh, not so much. No.

Tabitha Hale has a great blog post[1] about the czar differences. Go look at her list. She concludes:

Let’s talk a little more about this. Know how many Czars Reagan had? One. Bush 41? One. Clinton? Three. Dubya? Four. Obama has already QUADRUPLED that. And since most of these positions are already covered by Secretaries, the overlap is wasteful. And some are just inane (seriously, A GREAT LAKES CZAR? What is a Great Lakes Czar? Overlord of the Catfish? I don’t understand). Scariest part? Czars have no one to answer to but Obama. Know how much they are in control of? $1.7 TRILLION. Yeah.

And I really hate the term Czar.

Me too. What are we Russia?

Why yes, America is now turning into a state-run place. A guy on Fox said something that struck me: When it’s not about contracts and competence and it’s about connections, you have a society that is running on different rules. [That is a gross interpretation of what he said.]

Essentially, when the state owns everything, it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know. How connected to czar or czarina are you? That will determine the success of your endeavor. Influence and corruption become the order of the day.

Welcome to America, just like the Old Country!

  1. Tabitha Hale has a great blog post:

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