Dad Fighting To Get Custody Of His Daughter, Who Was Given To Adoptive Parents WITHOUT His Consent

Dad Fighting To Get Custody Of His Daughter, Who Was Given To Adoptive Parents WITHOUT His Consent

There is much discussion in America about women’s rights. However, few equality-crusaders seek to ensure equality by augmenting the legal protections afforded to men in custody battles. One man is now fighting a legal battle after his daughter was given up for adoption by his girlfriend without his consent.


A Utah father is fighting to get custody of his baby girl who his girlfriend put up for adoption.

Colby Nielsen, 20, of Cache County claims he and his girlfriend agreed to raise their daughter Kaylee together – however, after a week she decided she wanted to place the girl with adoptive parents, according to KSL.

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Nielsen had begun the legal paperwork to raise his now two-week-old baby girl himself, but he was served with a court order on Wednesday, forcing him to hand his daughter over to her adoptive parents.

His attorney, Wes Hutchins, said under Utah law, the girl’s birth mother was within her rights to put Kaylee up for adoption without consent from the biological father, according to KSL.

‘You can do any of these things without any notice or consent from the biological father,’ Hutchins said.

Nielsen plans to fight the adoption in court.

‘(I thought) if you put your name on the birth certificate and you have the paternity established, you are the father,’ Nielsen told KSL. ‘I didn’t know about anything else.’

Hutchins said it is ‘reprehensible’ to take the child away from her father after he had spent two weeks raising her, and called the law ‘unconstitutional’.

This is an unconscionable illustration of the kind of inequality that exists within our legal system. Not only do the courts unapologetically favor the mother in custody battles but they, evidently, favor complete strangers over the father as well.

It’s time that our nation has a discussion about the true nature of equality and what that word means…

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