Dad puts Nanny Government School in its place

by Scott Hounsell | April 29, 2015 2:57 pm

A Pennsylvania father received a letter from the school, explaining that his kids’ recent absence was not excused.  His response is EPIC.


school letter[1]

“Some schools are already telling parents[2] what their children can and cannot eat during lunch. Now, one school in Pennsylvania is questioning parental decisions[3] about when their children can be taken out of school for family-related reasons.

So why did Rossi’s children miss three days of school earlier this month? To travel to Boston[4] to watch their father run in the Boston Marathon.

Not surprisingly, Rossi wasn’t pleased[5] with the school’s reaction to his decision to bring his girls with him to Boston. Opposing Views[6] reports:

Rossi was furious over the letter, saying the school had no right to paint him as an irresponsible parent.

He responded to the principal with this letter[7]:

school letter response[8]

As it happens, state law permits [9]the issuance of excused absences for family educational trips. But the Abingdon School District does not differentiate vacation-related missed school days from regular unexcused absences.”

All I can say is that if a Principal sent home a letter to me like the one that Rossi received, my return letter would not have been nearly as cordial.  It would have been two words.  I will let you guess what those would be.

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